Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Best Vacation Ever!

We just recently got back from vacation. Okay it was 3 months ago, I am a little slow. We went on a Disney cruise. My family including me, never thought we would ever do a cruise since I get such bad motion sickness. I decided to risk it and give it a try, and it was worth it. First I didn't get sick at all, not even a little bit. I was so worried I would spend the whole trip in the bathroom sick. We got to the ship bright and early and were one of the first families on the ship. We walked through the mickey ears to the ship and what we saw was amazing. The lobby was gorgeous and big. Our room wasn't quite ready when we first got there so we took advantage of an empty ship and went swimming. We went on the AquaDuck which is a water coaster, since there wasn't a line we went several time. It was so much fun the kids loved it. We finally got into our room, it was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. We had a verandah, that is probably the best part of the room. I loved being able to go out and sit and watch the ocean anytime we wanted. As the boat started pulling away and the cruise was about to began, we saw a dolphin right beside the boat. The boat had a children's deck. There were planned activities for the kids. They attach a gps to your child and then they go do all the activities while the parents have time to do what ever they wanted. I didn't think I would leave my kids, after all I didn't plan a family vacation just to get rid of the kids. After the kids checked out this floor they begged us to leave them there. For the rest of the cruise off and on they spent lots of time there. They made cookies, had a pajama party and made pillow cases. The characters came and danced with them. It was such fun for them. Kaitlyn spent a lot of time at the teen deck. They also had activities for her age, she could come and go whenever she wanted. The activities went on until 2am. At first I was worried about letting her stay out by herself, but she made friends and we had wave phones. They are just like cell phones that were in each room. We could call or text each other. She would come back every night telling us about all the fun things that they did. We brought books, games and other things to keep us occupied when there wasn't anything to do.. We didn't need anything, there was always something to do. We actually didn't get to do everything they had on the ship. There were shows, swimming, mini golf, movies, family activities, bingo. I can't even name all the things that we got to do or didn't have time to do. It was amazing. The food was amazing as well. They had rotating dining, which means that each night you were assigned to a different restaurant. You always had the same table number and the same waitress and sever. So they knew what we liked to drink and would always have it ready. We really got to know them and my kids loved them. They seemed to really love the kids, Our waitress was from Scotland, she had an awesome accent and was always hugging on the kids. There were always a lot of choices for dinner, you could order more than one entree or dessert. The desserts were so pretty and tasty. For breakfast you could go to any of the restaurants, same with lunch. There was always a great variety. tons of fresh fruit and ice cream. You could not get hungry, food was available 24/7. (which could be why I gained weight on this trip) We went to Nassau Bahamas for our first stop. We went to Dolphin Encounters. We got to spend 30 min in the ocean with trained dolphins. They hugged us, kissed us, and danced with us. Then we laid on our tummies and they came up behind us and pushed us across the ocean by our feet. It was super fun, the kids loved it. The island was so green and pretty. We also got two stops at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. It was gorgeous, clear water, white soft sand. We all wanted to just live there. They had tons of activities on the island. The first time we went we got inter tubes and just played in the ocean and the sand. Robert, my dad and Kaitlyn went snorkeling. They spend 2 hours out there, they said it was amazing. They both got sunburnt on their backs and their legs. They were wearing sunscreen but after two hours in the water it much have worn off. Kelsey and Kade wanted to go snorkeling but it was a little bit hard for them. The next time we went to the island, we rode on paddle boats and trikes. Played in the ocean some more, Went on bike rides around the island. Everything was just beautiful there. Of course there was also lots of food on the island, all included with the cruise. (again the reason I gained weight ) They had a pirate night. We brought some costumes for the kids and then they had pirate garb left in the room for everyone to wear also. Dinner was a pirate theme, our severs dressed up and the food was pirate like food. There was a pirate show, fireworks then a huge dessert buffet. (again with the weight) Kennedy stayed up until about 5 minutes before the fireworks started. I tried to wake her up but she was just too warn out from her day. It was a awesome firework display. They had a theater, Robert and the kids went to see John Carter. They joke that it is the most expensive movie they have ever been to. Almost every night there was a different broadway type show. Disney does everything amazing. Also the way were were treated on the cruise was so great. I swear they treated us like royalty. They addressed me as miss Heather. Anything I wanted was Yes, Miss Heather. I loved it. So that was our cruise. I am sure I left out a lot but I am telling you it was amazing. We are looking forward to going again some day. After the cruise we went to Disneyworld for a week. I will have to write later about that part of our trip. Hope you enjoyed reading about our cruise, now go book yourself a cruise. you won't be disappointed. BTW the extra money for the verandah is so worth it. I am posting a slide show of our pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kelsey's Hip Hop

I am still around. Busy as ever. I have so much to catch up on, I will try to start updating more. For now, just wanted to share Kelsey's hip hop dance. This was at our Lagoon competition. They won 1st place out of 15 in their division and was in the top ten for their age group, out of 800. They are awesome. Kennedy danced too, but it was not up on youtube and I have not yet recorded it. So Enjoy! I can't get the link to post, so to see it you will have to copy and paste the link below. BTW Kelsey is the back left holding a leg in the beginning.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My crazy kids

Mother’s day is coming up, so I was sitting here thinking about my kids. I was thinking about all the wonderful things they have done. Then I started thinking about all the crazy things that they have done. You know the things they do to make your hair turn grey, the things that make you think, why did I have kids again? Well here is a list of these crazy things that came to mind.

Kaitlyn at age 3 decided it would be fun to paint herself and my windows with bag balm ( It’s a Vaseline type ointment). Do you know how hard it is to wash windows or a little girl covered in this stuff? She told me that she was making a pizza on the window.

Kaitlyn at about age 4 thought sidewalk chalk would be great to paint the living room walls with. You would think she was a going to be a little artist, but wait until I get to Kelsey.

Kelsey age 3 was very creative, after we bought are new house she thought our garage was a little plain. She got the bucket of used oil from the cars and painted the garage walls and the floor. She used the entire 5 gallon bucket. Crazy enough, she managed to do this without getting her new outfit dirty. (very talented)

Kelsey a couple of months later, in our new house, went downstairs to our playroom with the new carpet and decorated it with Chalk line. I tried everything to get it out, but our tan carpet was blue. When I read the bottle, it had a warning: No known source has been able to remove this product.

Kelsey age 6 went down to the playroom again, and apparently it wasn’t colorful enough with the blue carpet. Her and her friends got my acrylic paints and painted the chairs, the floor, the toys and everything else that they could find.

Kade age 5 and his friend decided to make a wedgie machine out of the swing set. They threw a chain over the swing set, used bungee cords, then then would connect the chains to one of the boys’ underwear or belt loop, the other boys would pull the other end and lift them to the top of the swing set for an atomic wedgie. Crazy thing about this, a couple of weeks ago, Kaitlyn had a party, the boys found out about the “wedgie machine” and all went home with broken belt loops. Kade thought it was awesome that her friends loved this. I just think it’s a weird boy thing. I don’t get boys.

Last week, Kade and his friends again used bungee cords. The hooked several of them together and pulled them back as far as they could then shot rocks. They made a giant sling shot. They came and told me how far the rocks had went, and of course I had to ruin the fun and stop them from breaking windows or people.

Kennedy 3 ½ years old, She got a permanent marker and colored her new white bed blue. I haven’t found anything to get it off yet. Sounds like my girls may all be little artists.

Just have to add this last one, Kaitlyn age 11 ½ , I can’t remember what she had all over her hands but she needed to wash them. I was making macaroni and cheese and had the noodles in the strainer in the sink. Kaitlyn scooted the strainer over and washed her hands in the sink with soap and water. Needless to say, I had to throw out the noodles. And she is supposed to be smart and older and know better at this age. I guess everyone has stupid moments.

So there is my list. And of course and can look back and laugh but at the time I was furious. I look at this list and think that maybe it’s a good thing that this is all the bad I can remember. I am sure there were a lot of other things they did and I am sure there will be a lot more. Kids sure do make life more interesting.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Last night we took the kids to Sub Zero Ice Cream. It's in Jordan Landing next to Best Buy. It was really cool, the kids loved it. If you have never been you should totally go. This was our first time. So, it's not a normal ice cream parlor, they have a metal bowl, they ask you to pick your cream, they have premium cream, yogurt, custard, soy and almond milk and probably others but that is what I can remember. They pour your cream into the bowl, then you choose your flavor, they have a lot of "different" flavors to choose from. They pour they liquid into the bowl, then you add in a topping, just like a normal ice cream place. Now this is the cool part, they take it over to a big machine and add LIQUID NITROGEN 321 degrees below zero, it starts steaming, and they let some poor onto the counter for the kids to touch. The ice cream freezes instantly. It was a lot of fun for the kids, for a kids cup it was 2.75 (which was plenty of ice cream) plus it was really yummy. So, if you have never been you should definitely try it out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Amazing Discovery!

I think I may have another little scientist. Kennedy has actually figure out what causes men to go bald. Here is her explanation.

Kennedy: Mom, grandpa doesn't have any hair, huh?

Me: No, not really

Kennedy: That is because he doesn't take a shower and doesn't water it.

Me: Yep, I think your right.

So, there you have it. If men would just take a shower and water their hair it would grow. See it all makes since now, doesn't it?

Friday, March 4, 2011

A little of everything

We have had a busy and rough month for February. Kade had his birthday party. That was a lot of fun. He really loves Criss Angel and wanted a magic party for his birthday. Since I couldn't get Criss Angel here ( Although I would have loved to) we hired a magician Anthony White. He was great the kids loved him. I would have posted pictures but I don't know what happened to the camera they are on. It's around here somewhere, I am just to lazy to go find it right now. But the party was a success. I also got Kade parakeets for his birthday. I was worried they would be too messy, but they really aren't. They are fun. Also, Kade started Tae Kwon Do. He loves it, him and his best friend go together, which is nice for carpooling. He just had testing and is now white-yellow belt. During testing our little Kade did 85 full sit ups. His poor stomach muscles were so sore the following days. He will soon be one buff kid. :)

We were all sick most of February, all but Kaitlyn. I don't know how she lucked out but I am glad she did. We had colds and stomach bugs. Kade had strep throat ( first for my kids) Kennedy had a fever, so just as a precaution they put Kennedy on amoxicillian ( which she has had many times before) The next morning her top lip was all swollen, then her bottom lip, then her eye. Took her to the doctor and turns out she developed an allergy to Amoxicillian. That night she woke up with terrible chest pains, took her to the ER and after xrays, EKG looked like because of her allergy her lungs were swelling too. They put her on oxygen, her levels were 87. They also had her do a breathing treatment to help the swelling. That helped a ton.

Fast forward to the next week. I had a nasty stomach bug and was sick from 3am until 8pm. Well at about 10pm Kennedy was in severe pain in her side, she tried to sleep but every 15 minutes she woke up crying. So after being sick and not eating for almost 24 hours I take her into the ER again. They hooked her up to an IV and gave her morphine, she had a CT scan. The doctor thought for sure it was appendicitis. Well the CT scan was fine so they sent us home at 5am. The next day she was fine. Not sure what the pain was. I try to lay down with Kennedy to sleep since I was up all night. I get a call from the school, Kelsey puked at school, all over the computer laptop ( I hope they are insured ) Seriously the next week when I thought everything was done. This was on Roberts birthday, Kennedy told us her ear hurt. We took her to instacare and she has a ear infection (no cold at all , so that was weird) They gave her antibiotics but no numbing drops. She cried until 6am, no joke. I did take pictures at the hospital, but I took them on my cell phone and I am not bright enough to figure out how to transfer them on my computer. So I put a cute picture of her on here.

Kelsey had a Wax museum project. They had to do a report on someone famous then dress like that person. The whole 3rd grade did this. They had to stand still for 1/2 hour. Not sure how Kelsey did this, she doesn't stay still for 5 minutes. Kelsey did her project on Christa McAuliffe.. The first Teacher and U.S citizen to go to space,. or as Kelsey wrote in her report the first teacher to go in space and explode :) She did a good job. It was fun to see all the projects.

Kaitlyn and one of her good friends Morden after the school play.

Kaitlyn and her characters partner in the play.

Kaitlyn was in the school play this year. The play was Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Kaitlyn was Margaret. They practiced and practiced and the play was awesome. It turned out so good, they all did a great job. Kaitlyn said she was sad that it was over, she really enjoyed doing this. She also had to dance with a boy EEWWW! the boy in the above picture was her dancing partner, they were both nervous about that.
Kaitlyn also went to the District Science Fair and won 1st place. Now at the end of March we go to BYU to the State competition. She was so excited, and she should be, she worked so hard on her project.
Well her is hoping for a less event full month. And some other good news It's sunny outside and my tulips are starting to come up. YAY SPRING!!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Kade in his Vader shirt 6 days old
Kade in his Vader Halloween costuem 8 1/2 months old
Kade 6 years old

Since Kade is just had a birthday and is now 6 years old. I thought I would write a little blog about his name. So my husband loves Star Wars. When we were thinking of names for Kade we went through the normal lists, Robert would always cross out anything I put down, the normal naming your child process. Robert told me that he wanted the baby's middle name to be Vader after Darth Vader. You can imagine my response to that NO WAY!!! I would give a lot of other Star Wars suggestions, Luke, Han, Lucas, but Robert wouldn't give up on Vader. I used the defense that Darth Vader was evil, Roberts response was "that was only a phase". Well over the next couple of months I would receive phone calls that went like this. Me: Hello caller: Vader is such a cool name, I think it would be great to name your son Vader. These were people I did not know. Then one day Robert came home with a notarized letter saying that Vader was the coolest name. After that I kind of ignored the name and came up with a lot of other names. Our top names for him were Kade, Chase, Carter. Before he was born we had decided on Kade but no set middle name. The day he was born with his long thick hair, we had to fill out the birth certificate. For middle name Robert insisted on Vader. I asked him " do I really have to name him Vader"? his answer was " unless you want to be a single mom" I know really harsh. I finally decided that it was a middle name and I don't have to really tell anyone, if anyone asked I could tell them his middle name was V. Since then his name has been quite the conversation piece, most men who hear it say COOL! most women's response is kinda like mine REALLY? I am used to it now and doesn't bother me so much, especially since I have heard other really weird first names like Spyder, and Bathtub. I guess it's livable for a middle name. Happy Birthdy to my 6 year old Kade Vader.